What is the refund policy?

If I leave my accommodation before the end of the lease, will I be reimbursed for Garantme fees?

At the time of subscribing to the Garantme guarantee, tenants pay the guarantee fees for the number of months indicated on their lease.

If your lease is tacitly renewable, you decide to leave before the end of the lease, and you have informed Garantme within 30 days following the termination of your lease (you need to send us an the inventory of fixtures at the end of your stay (you can fill it in by clicking here) OR an e-mail sent directly by your landlord to support@garantme.fr confirming the exact date of your departure) , we will refund you pro-rata temporis, with a deduction of €70 brokerage fees. (⚠️ One month of rent started is considered consumed by our insurers). If your lease has a firm duration of less than 12 months, no refund is possible.

Example: My lease has a duration of 12 months, I leave after 6 months. I will be refunded 6/12 = 50% of the amount initially paid, less €70 brokerage fees.