How to benefit from the BNP Paribas offer?

Benefit from a 20% discount on your Garantme Guarantee throughout your contract!

To benefit from this offer, you need to have a BNP Paribas account or open one!

You will be entitled to a 20% discount throughout your contract.

To know how to proceed, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the following link: JEUN'APPART by BNP Paribas
  2. Click on "Benefit from the offer"
  3. Follow the redirection to a BNP Paribas login page
  4. Enter your BNP Paribas credentials
  5. Once connected to your BNP Paribas account, you will be redirected to the JEUN'APPART page
  6. At this point, click again on the "Benefit from the offer" button
  7. Now that you are on, you need to log in again


You are now identified as a BNP Paribas customer.

At the time of payment, you will benefit from advantageous rates thanks to the partnership

If you do not have a Garantme account yet:

  1. Go to your BNP Paribas space
  2. Click on the following link: JEUN'APPART by BNP Paribas
  3. Create your Garantme account in 5 minutes