How much does it cost? What is the price?

The price of the Garantme service varies depending on the rent and the number of tenants

Garantme is 100% free for the landlord. It's the tenants community which finances the guarantee Garantme.

What is the price ?

The price is simple : 3,5 % of your rent including charges for the period of the lease.

Ex 1 : For a 12 months contract and 900€ for the rent / month incl. charges, the price is 378 € (3,5%*900€*12)

Ex 2 : For a 8 months contract and 900€ for the rent / month incl. charges, the price is 252 € (3,5%*900€*8)

What is the price for a colocation ?

  • 4.5% of the annual rent if you are two
  • 5% of the annual rent if you are three (+0.5% for every additional renter)

Payment terms :

You have to settle the guarantee Garantme at one time, at the moment of the lease signature.

When everything is ready to sign, we sent you a payment link. Once you have paid the expenses, we edit the guarantee and you can sign your contract.

What happen if I leave my housing before the end of my lease ?

When you subscribe to the Garantme guarantee, you pay the fees for the number of months mentioned on the lease.

If your lease is tacitly renewable and you choose to leave the apartment before the end of the lease, we repay you pro-rata temporis, with a deduction of €70 of brokerage fees. ( note that one day used is considerate as a month consumed)

Be careful: You have one month to announce your departure and ask a refund, otherwise you can't not be refund anymore. 

If your lease has a fixed term shorter than 12 months, no pay-back is possible

Ex : My lease shall last 12 months and my rent is 900 €. I have paid 378 € ( 3,5% * 900 € * 12 ).

But I leave my housing at the end of 6 months, that is 4 months before the end of my lease.

Garantme repays me 119 € ( 378 * 6/12 - 70 )