How much does it cost? What is the price?

The price of the Garantme service varies depending on the rent and the number of tenants

What is the cost of Garantme service?

The Garantme service is completely free for the landlord. If it's free for the landlord, it's because the community of tenants finances the cost of the Garantme service.

What is the price for a simple rental?

👉Simulate the price of my guarantee

What is the price for a shared rental?

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What are the payment terms?

You pay the Garantme guarantee in a single payment, at the time of signing the lease, by credit card or direct debit.

When everything is ready for signing, we will send you a payment link. Once you have paid the fees, we issue the guarantee and you sign your lease.

What happens if I leave before the end of my lease?

Check the details of the refund policy at this link.