Who secures Garantme?

Informations about Garantme's solvency insurances partners

Garantme is a broker operator registered at ORIAS Level 1 under n°17006810. We are registered in Professional Civil Responsibility with Allianz and in Financial Guarantee with the European Company of Caution and Guarantee.

The Garantme Guarantee is based on the financial strength of our two insurances partners.

We work with two insurances company.

MMA IARD for individuals

MMA IARD is a leader of IARD insurance with a capital of 537 052 368 €. Garantme delivers and manages The Lessors And Landlords Insurance Contract Of Unpaid Rent n°112.788.967 in co-brokerage with Suffren Insurances and Associated cabinet.

Garantme's offer is thus backed to a several tens of thousands lots solid portfolio.

GALIAN Insurances for professionals

GALIAN Insurances is the leader of the housing professionals financial guarantee in France. We deliver and manage the Caution Garantme product co-develop with GALIAN Insurances.
This unique produit on offer benefits from GALIAN Insurances experience and expertise in the housing sector.