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What is the Garantme Certificate?

The Garantme certificate proves to landlords that Garantme is your guarantor

Once your file is completed, you will receive your Garantme Certificate of Eligibility.

The certificate constitutes your housing application file certified by Garantme. He explains that Garantme is your guarantor for your future rental.

You can use it whenever you submit a request for accommodation and with landlords and/or agents with whom you are visiting.

What is in the Garantme Certificate?

The Garantme Certificate of Eligibility includes:

  • A summary of:
    • Your personal information ;
    • Your Responsible Party's information ;
    • A list of documents related to the file.
  • An explanation of:
    • Guarantees provided by Garantme ;
    • The remaining steps to benefit from the guarantee.
  • Documents annexed to the eligibility certificate including:
    • A specimen guarantee ;
    • All the documents provided by the tenant to Garantme.

Where to find my Garantme Certificate Number ?

Your Garantme certificate number can be found at the top of it (circled in red below). It is made up of 8 characters: lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers.

Why is the Garantme Certificate useful ?

The Certificate gets your application at the top of the list. It reassures landlords about your capacity to pay the rent and provides them with the process guidelines.

When they see it, they know that you are eligible to the Garantme Guarantee that protects their rent up to €90,000.