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What is the Garantme Certificate?

The Garantme certificates indicates to the landlord that he will benefit from the Garantme Guarantee if he decides to select a Garantme candidate for the rental

Once your application is complete on www.garantme.fr, you will receive your Garantme Certificate

The Certificate is your housing application file certified by Garantme. It explains that Garantme is your guarantor for your future rental. You can use it every time you submit an application to an apartment and with the landlords or agents with whom you make a visit.

What is in the Garantme Certificate?

The Certificate of Eligibility to the  Guarantee includes:

  • A summary of:
    • your personal information
    • your Responsible Party's information
    • your research information
  • A list of the documents you provided
  • A list of the certifications made on your application
  • An explanation of:
    • the guarantees that are provided by 
    • the remaining steps to benefit from the  Guarantee

Where to find my Garantme Certificate Number ?

It's simple, your Garantme number is on the certificate you receive by email when you have been certified by Garantme.

If not, you can submit your application Garantme.fr or phone-call one of our advisors.

Your Garantme number is located at the top of the certificate, here the number of the certificate is : rFj7e9cp2


certificat flouté


Why is the Garantme Certificate useful?

The Certificate gets your application at the top of the list. It reassures landlords about your capacity to pay the rent and provides them with the process guidelines.

When they see it, they know that you are eligible to the Garantme Guarantee that protects their rent up to €36,000.