What documents do you need?

The list of documents needed to complete the Garantme application

For your application to be valid, we need the following documents

The complete list is:

For you : 

  • ID (several documents are possible)
    • Passport or else,
    • National ID or else
    • Visa

Proof of schooling ( if you're a student)

  • Education Certificate or
  • Student Card or
  • Acceptance letter

  • Proof of ressources in any currency (several documents are possible)
    • Work contract or else
    • Internship contract or else
    • Traineeship contract or else
    • Scholarship agreement or else
    • Welfare  benefits or else
    • Tax return or else
    • Last two payslips or else
    • Quarter revenues return or else
    • Retirement pension or else
    • Bank statement (money or liquid assets)

For your Responsible Party : 

  • ID (the same documents as for you are possible)
  • Proof of ressources in any currency (the same documents as for you are possible) 

Good news: the documents can be in any language