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  2. How to get the Garantme Guarantee

What documents do you need?

The list of documents needed to complete the Garantme application

For your application to be valid, we need the following documents

The complete list is:

For you : 

ID (several documents are possible)
    • Passport or else,
    • National ID or else
    • Visa

Proof of schooling ( if you're a student)

  • Education Certificate or
  • Student Card or
  • Acceptance letter

Proof of ressources in any currency (several documents are possible)

  • Work contract or else
  • Internship contract or else
  • Traineeship contract or else
  • Scholarship agreement or else
  • Welfare  benefits or else
  • Tax return or else
  • Last two payslips or else
  • Quarter revenues return or else
  • Retirement pension or else
  • Bank statement (money or liquid assets)

    For your Responsible Party : 

    • ID (the same documents as for you are possible)
    • Proof of ressources in any currency (the same documents as for you are possible) 

    Good news: the documents can be in any language.