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  2. Finding an apartment with the Garantme Certificate

Steps to follow after you received the Garantme Certificate

You are eligible to the Garantme guarantee ? See the next steps to follow to find an housing and move !

With our Certificate of Eligibility your housing application will get at the top of the list!

What are the next steps to find an apartment?

  1. 📜Share your certificate with agencies, landlords and rental platforms. The best way to proceed is to let us know where you applied so that we call them on your behalf after you initiated contact
  2. 📨When you find a flat send us your apartment contract
  3. ✅We validate your apartment contract and let you pay on the platform to activate the guarantee
  4. 🔑You rental is secured, you can sign with the landlord

What can you start with? Your application will get the priority with the Garantme Partners :


How to contact us in case of difficulty ?

To contact us by phone : + 33 1 76 42 08 20

To contact us by email : support@garantme.fr