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How to use the Garantme Certificate?

Tips on how to use the Certificate with landlords, agents and on search websites

I - To agents or landlords via email 📧:

Email is good for landlords and agents to store your information, but you remember that they receive hundreds of emails every day, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone 📞. 

Download :  - Email template - renter to landlord

II - To agents or landlords in a printed version during an apartment visit 📄:

The decision of the landlord is often taken during the  when they meet you. Use this moment as best you can and show the landlord your motivation to get the apartment by bringing your complete file, including the Certificate of Eligibility to the guarantee in a printed version.

III - On housing marketplaces 🖥:

Option 1: Their form offers the possibility to choose a company as a guarantor 😊.

You should use this option, declare "Garantme" as your guarantor and upload your Garantme Certificate.

Option 2: Their form only offers the possibility to have a physical guarantor 😌.

Most often, online forms are adapted for renters who have a physical guarantor because it is the norm in France. Even some  partners don't have an adapted online form...

But there is good news 😇: you can still use  in this case. Below are our tips to adapt your application to their form.

1) They will ask for various information about your guarantor. Here is how to give them:


For any other information that they ask, you can randomly fill it in. There is no automatic analysis, they always look at information and will expect your Certificate of Eligibility to the  Guarantee to be shared.

2) They will ask for various documents:

If documents are compulsory, you should upload that of your parents in addition to the . You can add the Certificate of Eligibility to the guarantee  your guarantor's proof of revenues.

If documents are not compulsory, you can share your Certificate of Eligibility to the Guarantee instead.

Good luck for your research !

Don't forget : at any time you can ask us to contact the landlord or the agent whom you have met.