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How to use the Garantme Certificate?

Tips on how to use the Certificate with landlords, agents and on search websites

You have just received the Garantme certificate? Congratulations! The next step is to search for your accommodation: there are three ways to use the Certificate.

I - With agents and owners by email 📧

Emails are useful for the owner or agent to keep your file. But don't forget that they receive hundreds every day, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone to stand out 📞.

Here is a model email that you can share with owners and agents.


I saw the ad for the apartment you are renting [Address]. It is exactly what I am looking for.

I have put together my complete file and have a joint guarantor. You will find my file and that of my guarantor attached."

II - With agents and owners in paper form during the visit 📄

The decision of the owner is often made during the visit, when he meets you. Take advantage of this moment to show your motivation to rent the apartment by bringing your complete file which includes the Garantme Certificate in printed version.

III - On search platforms 🖥

Option 1: The form offers the possibility of referencing a moral guarantor 😊.

You can choose this option, declare Garantme as your guarantor and download your Garantme Guarantee Eligibility Certificate.

Option 2: The form only offers the possibility of having a physical guarantor 😌. Relax.

Most of the time, the forms are adapted to tenants who have a physical guarantor because it is the norm in France. It also happens to be the case with some Garantme partners...

But there is good news! 😇: You can still use Garantme in this case. Here are the instructions to follow:

1) The form asks for several pieces of information about your guarantor, here's how to fill it out:

First name: Garantme

Last name: Garantme

Address: 9 rue des Colonnes, 75002 Paris

Phone: 01 76 42 08 20

Birth: 01/01/1980

Status: Employee

Income: 100,000

Owner / Tenant: Owner

Profession: Insurer

Dependent children: 0

For any other information requested, you can fill it intuitively with what will fit Garantme's case the most. The verifications are not automatic, they will look at your file and verify your Garantme Guarantee Eligibility Certificate.

2) The form asks for several supporting documents:

If the documents are mandatory, we advise you to submit those of your parents or trusted reference in addition to the Garantme Certificate. The Certificate can be shared as "Proof of Income".

If the documents are not mandatory, you can directly share your Garantme Certificate as proof of income.

3) You are asked for the guarantor's ID card:

Simply download the eligibility certificate as the guarantor's ID.

Good luck with your search!

And don't forget: you can ask us to call back the owner or agent you met at any time.