How does Garantme work?

You need help to find your apartment? Here is a summary of how Garantme works: we can help you through!

Garantme helps you find an apartment as your guarantor in France. Our role is to reassure landlords about your profile and your ability to pay your rent every month.

1) Apply on you fill in the form in 5 minutes and download your supporting documents (details here). If you don't have them, you can come back later.

2) Receive your Garantme Certificate : in just 24 hours, we send you the Garantme Certificate. You can use it to prove to landlords that we can be your guarantor. (details here)

3) Start your research: indicate Garantme as your guarantor. You can contact us anytime, even during an apartment visit.

Garantme helps you with a network of partners: voir nos partenaires ici

But also with our great team who is always available to answer questions of landlords. To get help from them, you just have to write to or call us at +33176410204.

4) Request the Garantme Guarantee: once the landlord has approved your application, activate the guarantee through the payment of your Garantme Guarantee: see pricing details here

You receive the Garantme Guarantee in just 2 hours.

5) Sign your lease!! Bravo you are all done!